Our Story

The Baugh Business name started in 1945 when David LeRoy Baugh started an automotive repair shop in North Ogden, Utah calling it Baugh Repair and sons. This was in a farming community so many local farmers also brought their farming equipment to Roy for repair. Around 1948 Baugh Repair acquired the Massy Harris farm machinery dealership and the name was changed to Baugh Repair & Farm Service. In 1960 the city was moving in more and more in the North Ogden area. At that time the Business moved from North Ogden to Morgan, Utah continuing as Baugh Repair & Farm Service. In 1972 we add a machine shop area to the business continuing under the same business name. In 1981 the business was incorporated and the name was changed to Baugh Repair & Machine Inc. which it continues under today. By 1984 the machine shop was the main focus of work being done and David LeRoy Baugh the originator of the Baugh Business Name decided to retire. That is when A. Ray Baugh took over the business and moved to its present location in Roy, Utah. We have maintained the original name but because our main business is now contract machining we mostly operate DBA as Baugh Machine. We are now in the forth generation working under this name. Original Was David Leroy Baugh, Then A. Ray Baugh became president in 1980, and his sons Brad and David grew up in the machine shop business and now a grandson of Ray, Kyle Taylor is working as a machinists in Baugh Machine. So we have a long history of a family owned and operated business with approximately 137 years of family machine shop experience. And 68 years’ of operating under the Baugh Business Name.